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Custom Characters

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by J300MER, Sep 23, 2016.


Would you be interested in Female and Herm character animations, or the current?

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  1. J300MER

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    Rather than adding three characters with pre-ordained animations, would it be easier to just add customized characters, then just add scenes based on what the player created?
    Main character has 3 distinct enemies in this build. Futa-Peg, Catch-Anal, Pitch-Anal. (add the raptor)
    If there were 3 characters made with each of their own animations, there would at least be 9 total animations.
    However, it might save effort down the road if the current level was worked on, first.
    If I were to create a female character, there would be less of those animations (besides the futa and raptor), but 2 extra. So instead of making 9 per character each time, it could limit the labor to 6 or 7, but even less when more animations are created for one specific gender. Less coding, less hair-pulling.
    And if I were to make a herm-- well, best of both worlds, I guess.

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