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Consensus among dateable characters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MirceaKitsune, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. MirceaKitsune

    MirceaKitsune Active Member

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    I figured I'd make a separate thread about this, as I find it an interesting subject. To be fair I'd imagine every dating sim has gotten a thread like this at least once. Note that I've covered part of the discussion in another thread, however that's mainly a suggestion for a different feature.

    If there's anything in Amorous that leaves the player feeling both guilty and uncertain, it's the question "what would each character think if they knew I dated the others". Let's be honest: No one is going to make a new game for each different date, we all want to finish all of the stories and reach 100% completion... yet if we're to interpret the world realistically, we're in a really messed up situation as we do so; We've not only slept with but fallen in love with 9 different characters, all of which we want to stay with, yet none of them (except possibly Coby) is aware of any other! In a realistic scenario, if you were to suddenly run into all 9 characters one day and they would notice that every other is currently your lover... you'd be royally screwed.

    Amorous doesn't provide any satisfactory hints to ease this situation; Nothing suggests that any of the characters you meet are polyamorous toward you, so that they would all go ahead and say "oh cool, you're dating 8 other people, nice to meet them". In practice you get away with it because well, Amorous is simply written in such a way so that the subject is never brought up... but come on, that's not a solution to the problem! Intentionally or not, the game makes it feel like each date takes place in a parallel reality from each other... still you meet all of the characters in the same club, you even see them together in the world.

    I guess I'm curious what other people's take on this is: Do you feel guilty and unable to avoid the question "what would this character think if they knew about the others" during each date? How do you think each one would feel and react upon knowing of the others? Could a happy solution to this concern be implied by the stories, in case important changes may still be made to those?
  2. Sir Wolf

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    I actually never even think about it. The game is set up like you said where all the stories are sort of separate from one another. Now if you ran into Sky while on a date with Lex after already completing Sky's path that would be interesting and odd if there was no special interaction. But this is not the case, due to this I actually have never thought of how the other characters would act knowing I dated them all.
  3. Hamakei

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    I just figured that when the game is effectively "finished" and each of the dating paths has enough substance to be considered a game in their own right....the game will switch to enforcing mutually exclusive dates...if you want to seduce another character then start another game....

    But for the time being we're just allowed to explore everything that's currently in the game.

    Much as how alpha versions of games might include level selects or cheat toggles....for the purpose of testing and debugging....these are then removed when the game is ready for release.
  4. Mieh

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    I thought about that too. :) Thankfully, Mercy and Skye's storylines (the only two I've started so far) both have dialogue options to either profess love or keep the relationship casual. I was surprised and happy to see that Amorous caters to casual relationships. So while the game does not currently cater to poly relationships based on deep love, you can free yourself of guilt by representing your affection for the characters in a casual manner.

    That is, at least, for Mercy and Skye. I don't know about the others yet. =)
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  5. chocodanish

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    i would love a poly option seeing how they would learn to love and share with each other but that's just me

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