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Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Vindios, Jul 30, 2015.

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    So this is a thread to talk about what you have collected or are still collecting.

    Currently I am collecting Super Smash Bro's amiibos and I am also collecting ghost rare Yugioh cards
  2. Giul Xainx

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    I actually stopped collecting a lot of things. I almost fell back into Magic the Gathering back 2 years ago... but once I figured out that only egotistical ass hats play Magic the Gathering anymore? I suddenly took all of my cards and threw them in the trash can at a gas station in Aurora.

    I don't like collecting anything other than.....


    I am one of those on/off chain/social smokers. I can go years without a cigarette upon a moments notice of quitting. (Like right now I have been 4 days smoke free. My longest time not smoking? 1 year and three months. Least amount of time? 2 days. Average? 4 months. How many times I have paused? 11. What is my highest pack rate per day? 2. Lowest? 1 pack lasted me about 2 weeks once. Most of the time it is one pack every 4 days. Sometimes 2. Most cigarettes chain smoked at one time? 13. Average? 5.) But I still like seeing new zippo models show up in the world. I only like collecting the Zippo models of very interesting creations. But they are mostly centered around dragons, or animals that are not ordinary. But Zippo doesn't have too many in this category. I like being able to show off my zippo when I am smoking. I always make it the center of attention before lighting up. So I hated those 3d zippos they started making because they break a lot. At least the one I bought for 50 bux broke after a week of use. And some of the designs are just too common. I like new ideas than over seen and overly used ideas.

    And I am starting to collect long board decks.

    Only because right now I like trying out new board styles. And so far I hate the drop down decks. They are annoying. I like the idea of being able to put my foot down just barely an inch to push myself. And it causes less strain on my knees. But at the same time I feel confined to the boards middle area. They are not comfortable to ride for me at all.

    So far I own 2 sector 9 boards, and 1 arbor board. I almost went with the arbor board Pin tail, but the Sector nine was just a bit heavier, and bigger. I like a heavy board. I might try to get a mini board. It will have to be one of those clear sunset mini longboards though.

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