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Character customization?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by FuzzyFox, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. FuzzyFox

    FuzzyFox New Member

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    I would love to see character customization in Bareback Street (Amorous style fursona creator)
  2. Reeden

    Reeden Member

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    I don't foresee any custom characters in Bare Backstreet, unfortunately. If you noticed in the menu of the game, there are three character slots, one of them being Vergence. Under the characters are bars for things like speed, health, attack, other stats. If BBS were to have custom characters like Amorous, it would also mean custom stats. From what I know and assume, the team has plans for more characters in BBS, though they are not custom, but set in stone. After the team is done buffing out all the massive bugs, there may be a chance to discuss custom characters with their own unique stats.

    So as BBS has more things like stats, jumping, walking, and fighting, it takes much more to display characters, unlike Amorous, which simply has sex scenes. Amorous and BBS are games in development that are steadily becoming wonderful pieces of work in their own ways - it seems like BBS won't have much customization other than outfit and skin changes like Vergence currently, but I think we'll enjoy more custom features in Amorous.
  3. Jasonafex

    Jasonafex Team Amorous Team Amorous

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    Character customisation would mean that particular character would have to have all morphing removed (as limb morph can only be applied if the parts are bound to the skeleton within Spine) so all animation would be very simple. This means the only animation the character would have is skeletal joints rotating and that's it.

    Outside of that, sex scenes would have to work with the perspective of that skeleton and also remain as simple as possible, so basically going full-blown flash game at that point.

    I feel a quality > quantity approach is wiser for BBS so every enemy interaction has a well crafted sex scene and playable characters have the highest attention to detail when it comes to how moves look and function.
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  4. That furry supporter

    That furry supporter Member

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    Indeed Jasonafex, we gamers do pay attention to close details and in my opionion I reckon you have nailed it with amorous and hopefully bare backstreets
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  5. Giul Xainx

    Giul Xainx New Member

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    In my opinion I would rather just keep it simple. Just have different characters as the main choice pop up here and there.

    I used to love being able to create my own character in games but I started to not be so interested in seeing "me" all of the time. I'd rather just so happen to relate to a character model. Maybe add in some simpler things like a color change? Maybe? I'd love to see a purple n red jasonafex!
  6. Belle La Victorie

    Belle La Victorie New Member

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    If it is not for this game specifically, then I would not mind seeing a third stand-alone game entirely with this sort of system attached.

    A simple battle system of punch, kick, block and jump.
    Keep the fighting area 2D like your typical fighting game.
    Have three/four gender choices and four basic sex animation types for the victor in a three round match-up.
    Multiplayer only with single player tutorial
    Multiplayer social lobby where players interact (and maybe RP).
    Health would be expressed with clothing damage and health bar.

    Clothing Damage by round:
    1 round both characters fully clothed.
    2 round defeated player returns wearing only underwear.
    If player is defeated two rounds in a row, no round 3 and victory/defeat sex screen


    Victory animations:
    1- Male and Herm victors will always pound their enemies in the anus.
    2- Female victors will always mount their enemies if their enemies have a penis.
    3- Female victors will always have their enemies lick them clean if their enemies don't have a penis.
    4- Androgynous/sexless victors will don a strap-on upon all of their enemies

    Character customization in this sort of game will be built to fit the fighting system and sex animation. The player will have options of painting the body and features and choose from an in-game assortment of limb, hair, face, eye, fur, scale, etc. options. Each of these individual body parts will have a total of 5(or more) different scenarios that need to be addressed.

    1- Character Creation (And inventory if there is going to be stuff like that.)
    2- In-game Fighting
    3- Victory Sex
    4- Defeat Sex
    5- Multiplayer Lobby Avatars (If there is going to be a multiplayer lobby of that kind.)

    Clothing customization/item inventory would be cool to see, but that is purely cosmetic (unless there are alternative fight modes that require armor suits or dildo bats).
    If I knew anything about making games, these mechanics are what I would go for. Of course, this is purely hypothetical and nothing more than an idea dump for myself. If the Team Amorous developers like my idea, I would certainly love to see it happen.

    However, I am more than capable of understanding that while it may be something I would like, they have a very specific series of games in mind, and that my idea may not even be in line with what they have planned for the future. Games take a long time and a lot of work to make, and to put ideas like this one that would require hundreds of hours to complete on top of what they are currently doing is impolite at best.

    Anyways, I just felt like expressing my opinion and I look forward to Bareback Street's completion.
  7. Giul Xainx

    Giul Xainx New Member

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    So instead of a fatality.... it is a sexality? I don't want to call it anything close to something illicit. Maybe we could call it something else...

    I can just imagine having the announcer announcer say "DO HIM/HER/IT!" or "RIDE HIM/HER/IT!"

    That way it is not too heavy on the context of saying "fuck her/him/it" or anything other than that.

    I think the win animations should be different than their loss. And I think the player should have the choice of being the fucker, or being fucked. You know? I always think it is funny how in Amorous you are the fucker, but not the fuckee for every character.

    I think this game would add in that extra appeal if you have the ability to choose your sexality.

    I wish I could do coding but my life is crazy enough as it is. I just won't be able to keep my focus on building characters or sexalities. I get too distracted with my boredom.

    But to build up on that idea. I wonder if you could do something like a brutality.... but more like a sudden end of match SEXUALITY.

    You know have a much harder to perform end of match sexality but call it more of a Sexuality? Just add in a different pose or a different animation all together? Maybe make it a combo of the foreplay before the sex scene? Just to spice things up a bit? Just expanding on the ideas here.

    You could also have environment sex scenes. That would be hilarious. Use of a bench, or a glass wall? or maybe even the use of the objects found in the level? I know it is adding a lot and it sounds way bigger on these ideas than what was already said.
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  8. Belle La Victorie

    Belle La Victorie New Member

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    Well, this is all just purely hypothetical, of course... so letting my imagination run wild, here is more input.:p

    If I had my way, I would code in multiplayer tournaments where everyone will know who won with a screen of the winner doing what they do with the loser of every match.

    Or after every match there is an option to "share" the latest victory on "Amorous social media" as a status update for a member.

    Perhaps there could be a point system that earns points with every victory to be used in an in-game store. Custom backgrounds, arenas, victory/defeat screens. You know, that sort of thing.

    Oh... The more I think about it, the more I want to find myself a programmer and artist so we can develop a game like this.

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