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Can't Load Character!

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Wolvesbane, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Wolvesbane

    Wolvesbane New Member

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    Hey guys,I'm new to this and first I'd like to say, great game, definitely has potential. So I wanted to go back in and play for a little while, but I can't load my saved template. I would click on the button but nothing. I did indeed save my character, and game, but because I have to start a new character, it's giving me the opening scene of the game. I do apologize if this issue has been brought up, or I'm just being a little derpy.
  2. Pup Torment

    Pup Torment New Member

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    I created my own fursona and was going through the game, but then I tried it today, and all the fursona data is gone, but I still have my save file, is there any way to get it back or am I going to have to create it all over again?

    So basically a similar problem that Wolvesbane, had/has.

    Loving the game and wouldn't mine remaking him, just want to know if I have to or not since it took me a while

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