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Bugs and Errors!

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Ses_Chaser, Aug 7, 2015.

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    So as of playing Amorous, I noticed a few bugs in game, some small and...well other's bigger then normal..

    -Coby Sex scene-
    It seems to glitch out far to much, And I dont mean oh it lags or stutter's, No I mean as in...the whole sex scene glitches to the point where only the eye of "Coby" show's...It kinda flickers on and off..

    -Clothing -
    While randomly going through the scene's (All character's) it seems that the clothes glitch out just slightly and quickly enough to show their body behind the skin!

    Jax's Sex scene-
    3 things on this one

    1. Clothing bug (Listed above)

    2. Few wording error's in the picnic scene

    3. When you "Finish" with the sex scene the cum, seems to be not attached to anything, as the other sex scene's. It looks as though its been copy and pasted on there.

    Hope this helps! -Ses

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