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New Bug: Game Restart After Selecting Coby in the Club [Steam]

Discussion in 'v1.0.3 (Readonly)' started by TheMildSide, Jul 27, 2018.

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    The title should give a pretty good idea of what's happening here, but what kind of bug report would this be if I didn't include details? I also included a video to help show what is going on as well.

    • Before the video had started, I had already had my conversation and collected the number from Lex.
    • The game was started from "New Game w/o Prologue"
    • The game is running with the "ShowMeSomeBooty" file
    What happened:
    After ending my dialogue with Jax at the bar, I went to talk to Coby to return home. Upon talking to Coby, the game restarted itself from the prologue. My decisions in the Jax conversation with the tab HUD open are shown as well as the restart up until the first decision.

    I hope you all can get to the bottom of this!

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