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Boyfriends and Girlfriends together. What are the odds?

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Spleriia Emperor Splerii, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Due to the popularity of the famous individuals in this website, pen pals started to develop strong friendship, then affection until finally, everlasting love to one another. It's so good to hear those stories nowadays but for me, that reminds me of my former romance that ended up with total shock to my very heart. It doesn't mean that the current romance of the others out there were quite so ambiguous in any way we might think of but it does remind us of who we are to the presence of our beloved ones. To get to the point of this thread, I wanted to know the relationships of everyone who reads this. If it's positive or negative in such ways, just continue on with it. That's life around us after all. Anyway, May the Splerai reigns. Thank you all and take care, everyone.

    PS: I have remember my last girl that beloved long ago. Her name is Michelle and she was a 17 year old teenager that lives in Hawaii. I first chatted her when I started my careers as a Internet author for "Spleri". Our relationship lasted not until the time she died 9 months ago due to chronic anemia. Even though I kept moving on, that moment still grasped me to the brink of chronic depression until to this day on. By the way, that's all from me to be heard. I bid you all adieu.

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