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Balance between gameplay and narrative

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MirceaKitsune, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Now that I played through Amorous some more and even finished one of the dates, there's one thing I wanted to express my thoughts on. This is based on my own taste and perhaps expectation, so not everyone might agree with me here... some value narrative more, while others might want extra gameplay.

    Short version: I believe a bit more focus could be placed on interaction over narrative.

    Long version: While I'm well aware the purpose of Amorous is in part to be a visual novel, I feel that a bit too much of the experience is based on reading text alone. To the point where Amorous feels more like an interactive movie rather than a game... and even said interaction is rare, since choices are themselves not very frequent, whereas dialogue often goes on for minutes before you can even take a break to save / quit. The only time it feels like you're taking actions in the world is when you customize your player, and when you're free to explore the club or use your phone or choose someone to talk to... after that it's mostly just reading continuous text.

    Now for the disclaimers: I am NOT saying there should be less dialogue or text based content! I'm only saying that, while the dialogue and text parts are done brilliantly so far (alongside the graphics), interaction and gameplay is rather lacking. A better balance between the two would make the experience even more amazing, meaning as many ways to interact with the world as there is dialogue in said world. Also I'm aware this is all in early stage, so a lot of the content is not yet done... it's not to say "how come this hasn't happened yet" but to express my view on what I felt more focus could go toward next.

    As far as concrete suggestions go, there are many that could be made. One that came to mind was making it possible to look around or use your phone in all areas even during chats... just like when you're standing in the club and have a full 360* view, though maybe more limited as you still need to be facing the person you're talking to. Other than that, more explorable areas and free roaming would be fantastic! I would love it if every single area was like the club... in the sense that you can use your phone to warp there anytime, and can walk around entering various rooms and finding various people to interact with. Beyond that, a cute little thing in dating sims is that you can click on various parts of a character to stroke them, which changes their expression and makes them say different things... maybe that's an extra idea worth throwing in.

    P.S. I hope Seth doesn't see this from beyond the 4th wall. He'd probably kill me for suggesting more gameplay over narrative :amshy:

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