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Bad End Scenes

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by radman1889, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. radman1889

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    Was gonna make this about cutscenes as well, but that's most likely been wished for. And it's probably in the works somehow. So I'm gonna add on a little something extra to it, a different kind of scene occurrence called Bad Ends.
    As the name suggests, it's pretty much how the 'story' ends when the player runs out of lives and succumbs to the enemy. The generic enemies would be fairly generic, but Game Over'ing on a boss gives an extra look into the player's fate at the hands/paws/claws/etc. of the boss that beat you.
    Not just for Game Overs too. There could be points in the game where you need to select an option, and choosing poorly gives you a Bad End. If it sounds like what happens in other sex games when you lose, this is just like that but expanded a bit.

    So, why not think of what Bad End that the Gator would give you? I'll post mine once I get an idea myself. :p
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  2. DarkMaster

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    I can say I'd be interested in this too. A lot of games I like seeing my character lose to the enemies but am disappointed where the game just ends with 'Game Over' and no information being given on what happened because I lost there.
  3. KiWolfGirl

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    I mean I would want for the focus to be on in-game sex scenes, but if they wanted to throw game over rape in there, I think it would be a good addition.

    No for that though.

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