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Another Introduction Thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alex the Angel, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Alex the Angel

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    Good afternoon, Mortals! I noticed that there was no introduction thread, and saw someone post their own introduction here. Likewise, let me know if this isn't supposed to be here. :)

    My name is Alex, and my fursona is basically myself IRL, except the angel part (I've never felt comfortable with seeing myself as any type of anthropomorphic character). Of course, this angel doesn't have wings, and I have a whole background story for him that explains why. Message me if you're interested in hearing about it.

    I'm also an aspiring musician, as I love to sing and play the electric guitar. My guitar style varies greatly, but my usual comfort zone is Djent-type Metal, with a bit of a melodic edge to it. I have been known to experiment with Hard Rock, Death Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Post-Hardcore, Industrial, Dubstep, and... a few others. I usually have an open mind about what music I make. While most of my music is in the very early stages, I hope to soon become popular among the Furry Community. Two of my roommates and I have even planned to perform at Anthrocon in 2019. I've also been told that I'm amazing at voice-acting, and would like to put this to use as well.

    Personality? I'm glad you asked! I'm a bit bipolar, and mood swings do happen frequently. I've been told that I'm very mature for my age. Many people have confused me for being 26-29, when I actually just turned twenty (Last Sunday. ^_^) I'm very loyal to my friends, and have been known to help many people with their life problems by giving advice. I'm also very blunt, which can sometimes make me seem a bit rude.

    Extra notes: I'm a pretty big fan of both Jasonafex and Kabier, and am very much interested in becoming friends with the Team Amorous Staff.

    And I believe that's all I can say for now. I look forward to spending time with you lovely people!

    Oh, I'm also a femboy. ;)
  2. Blackfangs

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    Welcome aboard my friend.
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  3. DaraSilverDragon

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    There is, in fact, already an introduction thread. It's here. Enjoy.

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