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Update Amorous v1.0.4

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lennian, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Lennian

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    Yes, you are seeing that right: it's an actual update!

    Almost 3 years since the release of v1.0.3, Jasonafex and Lennian decided to give Amorous a final patch with "some" quality of life changes. With this, we feel the Amorous book can be properly closed.

    We hope everyone enjoys this release!

    • Added more debug information
    • Added support for NSFW-mode and Non-Steam as .txt
    • Added more subtle breathing animation for non-animated NPCs
    • Added backwards compatibility with Windows XP
    • Added support for forcing DX11 as rendering device (-d3d11)
    • Added support for high DPI resolutions
    • Added achievements to Diary on the phone
    • Added zoom toggle to player customization
    • Added support for using a sexscene as a preview in the player customization
    • Fixed DJ achievement icons
    • Fixed startup crash when options-file is completely empty
    • Fixed odd startup crash when a scene is not properly loaded yet
    • Fixed a bunch of crashes related to the game having a weird working directory
    • Fixed a crash related to corrupted player templates
    • Fixed missing body parts in Lex's and other dates (again)
    • Fixed occasional auto-skip in dialogue, even when disabled.
    • Fixed breathing animation causing occasional graphical glitches
    • Fixed most, if not all, path-separators for case-sensitive filesystems.
    • Fixed dialogue NPCs showing behind pool NPCs in the Club Pool scene.
    • Fixed issue where loading a save from your phone could lock you out of the phone
    • The phone will now show modals more clearly
    • Reworked the messages view on the phone
    • Reworked the dialogue window to be more responsive to user actions
    • Dialogue will now wait for a NPC to be visible before showing
    • Urls are now opened using the Steam overlay, when available.
    • A crashlog is now created even if the game crashes directly after starting
    • NSFW mode is now enabled by default
    • Enabled/Disabled cheats will now be saved to the options file
    • Probably way more?!
    Known issues / Won't fix
    • It has been reported that in Mercy's sexscene the uncut cock looks weird. The looks are actually intended.
    • It has been reported that in Jax' sexscene cum seems to be missing. It's really there!
    • There is a small glitch when showing arm with Gamebox/IM/etcetera and flickers when hiding.
    • There is a small glitch Glitch when Kane is clicked (Too much hassle for one instance)
    • Achievements are not retroactively unlocked. You could, you know, replay the game on v1.0.4 :D
    • If the game crashed on startup for Windows 7 and older, please check:
    • The game does not force the use of a dedicated videocard, if not told too. If you experience problems, be sure to check your GPU control panel.
    • There is no "confirm resolution" timer. If your game won't start, use -safemode as a startup argument.
    • It has been reported that sometimes certain audio devices cause the game to crash. You can try starting the game with -disablesound as a startup argument.
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  2. SmyuVp

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    so there wont be any more amorous games? Amorous 2 (fan edition) for example?
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  3. SmyuVp

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  4. Flibble

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    Uhm, Based?
  5. SmyuVp

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    they talked about fan project and auditions. I m kinda confused
  6. NotOnlyGuy

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    So it means no more updates for this game?

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