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Amorous v0.4 Review

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Trainer Red, Nov 25, 2016.

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    In this thread, I will give my thoughts on the long awaited update, v0.4.
    There will be no major spoilers, and if there is, let me know and I'll edit the title.

    To start off, let's look at the good parts:
    - We get the first dateable female character.
    - We get a dateable masculine male character.
    - Improved animations*
    - New launcher*

    Overall, amorous v0.4 was good, but it still has problems.

    As of typing this, 80% of the problems I experienced are either fixed, or being fixed.
    - *Launcher download issues (Being fixed)
    - Character customization crashes (Fixed)
    - Dialogue errors (Fixed)
    - Certain NPC stays stuck on the screen in Skye's date (fixed)

    One problem that I have (minor), is grammar. In the change logs for "v0.4 Hotfix", it says that several grammar/spelling issues were fixed. Now, I'm currently playing on a mac and don't have access to a windows computer, therefore I cannot see if these certain issues have been fixed. But my main complaint for grammar is stuff like "you're" being "your".
    It's just little stuff. I can live with it. Nothing major.

    Another semi-major problem is the writing of Skye's date path. Another thread mentioned how there was no conflict. Now, I can't touch more upon this specific complaint without saying spoilers.

    Now that most of the bugs are fixed, my only major complaint is the sex-scenes.

    - *I listed in the "good parts" section that there are now improved animations, which is true. But the speed is WAY too high. The speeds from v0.3 were perfect. They were realistic. But in v0.4, the animation is so fast that the characters end up flying around the screen.

    -Next complaint: the vocals during sex. They're too frequent and loud, in my opinion. In Skye's path, I experienced a female voice actor moan "oh f*ck" around 7-12 times in a row with a .1 second break in between each time. Many people--including myself--find excessive moaning, and/or dirty-talk to be a turn-off.
    My recommendation: Add an option to mute the voices during sex in future updates.

    tl;dr version: Amorous v0.4 is good, but it still has a few unfixed issues.

    Well there you have it. I cannot say more without giving away spoilers, so I will stop here.
    Feel free to comment your own thoughts, likes, and dislikes about v0.4 in this thread!

    I also feel the need to commemorate Lennian for working so hard on this game. Game making is tedious, so hats off to him for being able to accomplish so much. :)
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    I agree with a majority of your review, apart from the no conflict issue (there is some conflict, without going into spoilers) however I do agree that it could be emphasised a bit more. Anyway, Skye's date path is currently (and will probably remain) my favourite in the game, with the runner up being Seth's.

    And again, thank you Lennian for your hard work , it will not go unappreciated by this community. We will name a city in your honour, perhaps Lenniangrad.
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