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Amorous translation into Russian

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Aethrion, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Hello to everyone who decided to look into this topic.

    To begin with, I would like to say that I decided on this, because, as it turned out, quite a large number of people can not play this wonderful game without knowing English. Despite the guides that allow you to get in touch with any character and even open sex scenes, the game in the genre of dating simulator is interesting precisely for its dialogs that bring meaning to it, allow you to understand the motivation of the characters, their feelings. That is why I decided to make an amateur translation of Amorus. It is unlikely that I will be able to translate the textures used in the game, but there are not so many problems with the text, I understand English quite well, and I also have experience in writing, which will surely help me to select the correct language and replace idioms.

    The only thing that stands between me and the desire to devote myself entirely to translation is the lack of a Cyrillic font, without which any translation in the game itself looks like a string of question marks. In the screenshot below it is clearly visible.

    (There should have been a screenshot. However, neither imgur, nor imgbb, nor joxi are not allowed as services for inserting images directly from them.)

    This could be fixed by introducing a font similar to the original one and supporting Russian characters, however, after extracting the resources from the font folder from the directory where the game resources are stored, it became known that the fonts were not packaged at all as I expected.
    I roughly understand how this matrix of characters works in the form of a png image and a json file, which stores information about the location of the glyphs in this image, contains information about their cropping and kerning.

    Actually, I have no experience with this font format. And I don’t even know about what this technique is called to find any information on how to work with this. Although, it seems to me to fully implement the custom font, I will have to completely redraw these matrices for each font size used in the game.

    Perhaps someone on this forum understands how to solve this problem? Or even share working methods, software, or at least tips?
    Thank you in advance. And thank you for your attention.
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    Игре уже два года, это было бы неплохо, если бы кто-то серьезно занимался переводом и включением текста в мои многочисленные английские моменты, которые были непонятны. Кто-то еще пытался сделать это, но возникли проблемы с помощью кода.
    Удачи! И я бы мог дать вам кириллические шрифты
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