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Amorous or FBC, which is better?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by catscrath25, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. catscrath25

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    Over the last year I have been watch two very promising games come to fruition with ever growing desire, those games are of course Amorous and Furry Beach Club. So far only Furry Beach club is fulling released and I am very sorry to say that I feel like it has fallen horrifyingly short from it's promises. Although the overall art style is far more simplistic then the lushous design of Amorous, I thought that this would allow for content to be easier to develop and in shorter time. I was wrong however and even after a long postponement do to lack of funding the final product feels like it has just slightly more content then the current version of Amorous with far less of the quality. Buttons are stiff, rarely respond and have no animation to indicate that they do when they finally work, voices have an annoying mic fuzz and music just feels stock and sometimes just down right unpleasant to listen to, character scenes feel stiff and mechanical with not dialogue to flush out the actors not to mention how one dimensional they feel to begin with along with having to music to accompany them, but by far the worst part is the character YOU play as who is a lumbering mindless brute who seems to think of nothing but getting into the pants of everyone he sees with all the charisma of a rotting dead toad. Amorous is still in it's very early stages and still feels like a far more complete and thoughtful game about friendship and caring for others who are having just as down a day as you and I can't wait for what is to come. Now, what I have to ask you is what you think? How do you feel about theses games? Am I being to hard or FBC, or perhaps to easy on Amorous? I really want to see what you guys think about all this.
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    I personally couldn't get into FBC as you had to wait and grind out coins to do anything. That or purchase them. I'm financially struggling so I of course opted out of waiting a long time for the coins to respawn. Amorous however, is completely free and I found myself being emotionally attached to the game and date paths.
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  3. MirceaKitsune

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    Never heard of FBC before, I definitely should consider it too! That said, judging at a quick glance, the art and style doesn't seem quite as appealing as that of Amorous. I feel that I probably wouldn't enjoy it in exactly the same way.

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