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New A few things...

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by MadFerret, Jan 2, 2016.

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    So, as I was dicking around, there were a few things I noticed...

    1. Anteater tail, the rabbit tail, and the double-cat-tail(?) do not fit to the rear of the skinny body (Swimmer's build?).
    2. The double-cat-tail thing doesn't have any colour or outline, nor does it's icon
    3. The soft edge of the human/non-sheathed (or slitted) dicks don't really look all that nice. plus, you can see the colours of the body and balls at the base
    4. Because the line art of the slitted dicks has no colour, you can see the colours of the balls in places. (with the exception of the two tauter sacs)
    5. Otter Muzzle has a weird placement compared to the (further) eye. Might need to have the top edge of the muzzle come in further and over-lap the eye a bit.
    6. I can't seem to find how to change the font colour of the screenshot
    7. One of the scrotums (1st column, second row) has an off-set icon
    8. Bangs layered below the muzzle, which creates issues with the Anteater muzzle, who will cover certain hair-styles
    9. Slits look strange on the fat body, as they'll overlap/clip over the hanging belly

    I hope this is useful. I'll post any more that I find as I use this further.

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