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New A few bugs.

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by Spyke, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Well, there's me trying to make a salamander... of fire. And when I tried to give him SOME kind of hair... item, I found it to be above everything else and made it look completely... off. I'd have inserted a picture, but I dont know how. In addition to this (sorry devs if I seem rambly), I've also noticed that when I go to load a character, the character will be behind the window of character loading, but wont let me alter him, only start a new, which renders the load option pointless. I'm more than happy to have a creator such as this, and I'm more than certain these bugs will get crushed. I await some happy updates. ^^ One thing I did forget to mention is the in game creating of a character, all of the pieces for the face will only work right if the character is facing off to the left side of the screen. I really hope this is sorted soon, because it's becoming a bit of a pain.

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    I have found the same issues when I did this. When I was creating a fursona with horns, the horns sort of floated if he wasn't wearing a specific hair/head item. Also, like Spyke said, the character must look to the left in order for it to go right, for the most part. Although I find so many problems, I want to see it become more developed. I enjoy being creative with this game.

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