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A better system for grappling.

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Ganerumo, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Grappling requires the character to be in a stunned/dazzled state, signaled to the player by a large red circle or a red aura around the sprite.

    This state is initiated upon taking extended damage without responding, upon receiving certain special attacks, or upon getting successfully countered.

    Player Attacks that can stun/dazzle an Enemy :

    • Backwards Kick

    • A full combo

    • Successful counter maneuver

    • Any hit when under the effect of the “power” bonus

    • Any hit with a melee weapon

    • Any hit with a stun gun

    Enemy Attacks that can stun/dazzle the Player :

    • Canine’s running charge

    • Marsupial’s spring kick

    • Explosive glow sticks

    • Herm’s equivalent (nonexistent in the game at the moment, could be a taunt that counters the player if he attacks during the taunt)

    • Getting punched by the boss

    • Any attack when the player is low on health (at most two segments, ie when wearing boxer shorts and nothing else, or naked)


    Player Grappling is initiated by pressing a dedicated key, Enemy Grappling is initiated by letting an enemy walk into the player while stunned.

    Once an enemy is grappled, the player can perform the usual array of moves to damage and crowd control the enemies. Performing a successful throw of any kind will replenish the player’s health, but only up to the current segment. This means the player can sustain their health to a certain level but not regain any additional health past that segment (this also means throwing people does not magically generate clothing).


    If the player is grappled by an enemy, two things can happen :

    - If the player has more than one health segment (ie if he's still wearing clothes), he gets grabbed by an enemy and groped, causing health to slowly and gradually fall off as the grapple continues. The usual struggle mini game initiates, allowing for the player to escape. The grapple will continue as long as the player fails to escape, perpetually draining health and stripping the character until he is naked (one remaining segment).

    - If the player is on his last segment (ie naked), a sex scene is immediately initiated with the grappler.


    When the player is grappled, the struggle bar appears, partially filled based on two factors :

    • Player Heath - 5% for each full segment when the struggle is initiated, up to 30% max.

    • Difficulty Setting - 25% for easy, 12.5% for medium, 0% for hard.

    The player starts with 45% of the struggle bar filled by default, plus bonuses based on the factors above. When groped or during a sex scene, the player has to position the cursor into the filled area and press a button to escape. Each time the enemy moves (during penetration, at every thrust, during groping, at every grab), the filled bar decreases by an amount that varies on difficulty and the enemy itself (a marsupial groping the player will not decrease the bar as much as the area’s boss having sex with the player). This means that the longer the struggle lasts, the harder it is to escape. While difficulty and health related bonuses are refreshed at each instance of a struggle, the initial 45% is not refreshed unless the player regenerates his health via grappling himself or via picking up a health bonus.

    An additional gameplay option can be enabled by the player to allow the struggle bar's fill to eventually reach 0% during sex scenes, at which point it is no longer possible to escape. If this happens, the struggle bar disappears and the player is forced to wait until the end of the sex scene.

    Another gameplay option can be enabled by the player to allow the player character to still be assaulted after the game over screen has appeared, until the player chooses to quit or continue from the last checkpoint.
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    So much yes. I couldn't even figure out how the grappling works.

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