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Apr 3, 2020
Mar 22, 2015
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Oct 30, 1989 (Age: 30)
The Netherlands
Game Developer

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Dark Lord of Team Amorous, Male, 30, from The Netherlands

Team Amorous

I'll answer all your customer concerns in a timely, polite manner... after my summer vacation. Jul 29, 2017

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Apr 3, 2020
    1. Vin Diesel Jankowitz
      Vin Diesel Jankowitz
      When is the second game coming out id be happy to spend as much money as possible to to get the game in development I want lex
    2. Napalm74
      Hey, I hope you are doing well Lennian. Its been a long time since I been in the forum how has it held up?
    3. siroikaho
      Sorry for being out of place.
      This game is getting a lot of attention from the Japanese.
      I'm half American and half Japanese.
      I can read and write some things.
      I would love to help with the Japanese translation.
      Thank you for your time.
      1. SomthingNeat
        unfortunately this game isn't getting updated anymore however I have cracked the game files and could provide my resources for you to mod it in yourself if you wish
        Jul 7, 2020
    4. Phubeures
      How do i delete my account on here i dont want this account to exist.
      If u have the power just delete it please. If not just make my username a random string of numbers.
    5. Cosmic Goon
      Cosmic Goon
      Hey im new to Amorous and I just downloaded the game & the launcher keeps crashing because it keep saying its denied? Idk who to contact for this
    6. Insaneizzylol
      You should add protogen and sergal customization
      1. SomthingNeat
        Amorous is no longer in development, however, I've been modding the game lately, and while its not possible to add fursona maker features now, we may be able to add them in the future! Keep ur eyes peeled!
        Feb 25, 2020
    7. 9milMike
      Understood. Thanks for the reply.
    8. 9milMike
      Hi Lennian,
      I've been playing Amorous and I've really enjoyed my time playing it.
      I would like to ask a few questions concerning the game:

      Is Amorous still being worked on in terms of possible new content?
      Is there any way I can support this project?

      Best regards,

      1. Flibble
        1: No
        2: No
        Until Lennian returns (IF) then nothing official is happening. Game is finished/not being worked on/etc
        Dec 1, 2019
      2. Flibble
        I should add, my answer isn't official. I don't have any contact with Lennian so I don't 100% know but given that the last mention of anything official was in July of this year and there has been absolutely nothing since leads me to suspect it's over. I'm more than happy to be proven wrong of course.

        Last known update:
        Dec 1, 2019
    9. AnarkKey
      Hey newhere. played the hell outta amorous. was just wandering if theirs anything else thats gunna be done with it or maybe another gamecuz it was a great game and honestly thinking thats all their is really fuckin depressing me lol like the end of a good anime This is literally the only dating sim i have ever played throughly cuz all the others are boring and amorous has a great flow to it so twas just wondering
      1. Xaran Miller likes this.
      2. SomthingNeat
        Not officially, no. But I just recently started the modding community. So we'll see what others(and myself) have to offer.
        Dec 11, 2019
    10. Xaran Miller
      Xaran Miller
      That way you have it on your phone
    11. Xaran Miller
      Xaran Miller
      You should make amorous for apple iPhones
    12. Yukon
      I want to delete my old account, but can’t remember what email I used or password. Is there anyway you could delete it? Arlo Filderman
    13. steppseth
      it keeps saying json ill fix it what does that mean
    14. steppseth
      my game wont evean load
    15. Furaha
      Hi Lennian, i got a problem whit my amorous, "amorous. game. windows stopped working" the error is APPCRASH
      Please Help
    16. Zorodark
      hey lennian i have a problem with amorous, when i open the game show " stopped working" how i fix this?
    17. Patches Storm Wolf
      Patches Storm Wolf
      When will their be more updates? :P
    18. KolbaltTheWhite
      I want to help Team Amorous, specifically in sound. Where would I go to apply? (The thread you posted is not showing up) Thanks!
    19. darklink8910
      Hi! I need help with amorous, where can I contact you to talk?
    20. Caleb Mages
      Caleb Mages
      There’s only two damn girls...
      1. MaMaManiac
        and I like the huge amount of dick you get :p
        Jul 14, 2018
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    Oct 30, 1989 (Age: 30)
    The Netherlands
    Game Developer