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May 3, 2019
Mar 22, 2015
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Oct 30, 1989 (Age: 30)
The Netherlands
Game Developer

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Dark Lord of Team Amorous, Male, 30, from The Netherlands

Team Amorous

I'll answer all your customer concerns in a timely, polite manner... after my summer vacation. Jul 29, 2017

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May 3, 2019
    1. AnarkKey
      Hey newhere. played the hell outta amorous. was just wandering if theirs anything else thats gunna be done with it or maybe another gamecuz it was a great game and honestly thinking thats all their is really fuckin depressing me lol like the end of a good anime This is literally the only dating sim i have ever played throughly cuz all the others are boring and amorous has a great flow to it so twas just wondering
    2. Xaran Miller
      Xaran Miller
      That way you have it on your phone
    3. Xaran Miller
      Xaran Miller
      You should make amorous for apple iPhones
    4. Yukon
      I want to delete my old account, but can’t remember what email I used or password. Is there anyway you could delete it? Arlo Filderman
    5. steppseth
      it keeps saying json ill fix it what does that mean
    6. steppseth
      my game wont evean load
    7. Furaha
      Hi Lennian, i got a problem whit my amorous, "amorous. game. windows stopped working" the error is APPCRASH
      Please Help
    8. Zorodark
      hey lennian i have a problem with amorous, when i open the game show " stopped working" how i fix this?
    9. Patches Storm Wolf
      Patches Storm Wolf
      When will their be more updates? :P
    10. KolbaltTheWhite
      I want to help Team Amorous, specifically in sound. Where would I go to apply? (The thread you posted is not showing up) Thanks!
    11. darklink8910
      Hi! I need help with amorous, where can I contact you to talk?
    12. Caleb Mages
      Caleb Mages
      There’s only two damn girls...
      1. MaMaManiac
        and I like the huge amount of dick you get :p
        Jul 14, 2018
    13. Dalex
      Hi there Lennian, i just wanted to know, there´s already a translation group working on Amorous Spanish translation?
    14. Caleb Mages
      Caleb Mages
      There’s only two straight-up girls in amourous so far who have only “womanly” parts. When will you add more characters like this?
      1. Flibble
        Game is finished. No new characters will be added.
        Jul 13, 2018
    15. random skye fan
      random skye fan
      hi! I'm just a fan of skye who would like more content on her AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MORE SEX SCENES. I'm talking about more love. PLEASE :) Lennian if you do me this favor you would make a young furry happier :)
      1. Amorous Fan
        Amorous Fan
        I was also hoping for that to- there should be a companion app so it will tell you when there’s new plans for updates
        Jul 8, 2018
    16. Amorous Fan
      Amorous Fan
      Is there a specific time when a new character will be added? I’m just excited
      1. SaberAkise
        I'm pretty sure Lex was the last date-able character in the story.
        Jul 26, 2018
    17. Misha Chestny
      Misha Chestny
      мой друг была идея добавить женского персонажа из одноименной игры okami в данном случаи главного персонажа думаю он бы хорошо вписался в этот удивительный мир
      1. Misha Chestny
        Misha Chestny
        Как никак у вас там уже сеть : тигр, дракон, лев, белка, ящер, попугай, 2 лисы (или lex не считается за лису ), баран ну а вот волка нет (p.s это просто предложение если не захотите ваше дело )
        Jul 6, 2018
      2. Flibble
        This is an English speaking forum.
        Jul 9, 2018
    18. Sgt-Snake
      Just Wondering, Because v. 1.0.3 doesn't work on XP but v. 1.0.2 did is there anyway I can get back to v. 1.0.2?
    19. 2_9erSavoy
      I was wondering, in the credits it just list one person. Is it true that they did all artwork in game or did they have a team that assisted? Either way I absolutely love the artwork.
    20. Red_Horse
      Hey dark lord i wait on a awnser ^^ i am not pushing you but i am just wondering if you have seen my message at all. ^^
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    Oct 30, 1989 (Age: 30)
    The Netherlands
    Game Developer