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Mar 10, 2016
May 22, 2015
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October 14
São Paulo, Brazil

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New Member, Male, from São Paulo, Brazil

Creating a new character in a RPG game and taking 2 hours to figure a good name out. Nov 9, 2015

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Mar 10, 2016
    1. Darkwratheon
      Creating a new character in a RPG game and taking 2 hours to figure a good name out.
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      3. Darkwratheon
        Not really a RPG, a MMORPG to be precise. World of Warcraft. I left some months ago but then they announced Legion and I'm thinking of coming back. Problem is I have to finish some games before (like MGSV and Dragon Age: Inquisition).
        Nov 9, 2015
      4. soulus42
        I see. I have that issue too, though not with WoW as I stopped playing it... again. Would rejoin it, buuuuuuuut Fallout 4 tomorrow :D
        Nov 9, 2015
      5. Darkwratheon
        Oh yeah, I would buy Fallout 4 were it not so expensive where I live. Besides I already spent the money on other games. Maybe next month I'll be getting it.
        Nov 9, 2015
    2. Darkwratheon
      Thinking about coming back to WoW but hey, Halo 5 and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won't let me. There'll also be Fallout 4 soon...
    3. Darkwratheon
      "Embrace the darkness."
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    October 14
    São Paulo, Brazil

    The things that I'm interested the most are games, animes/mangas, comic books, RPGs and heavy metal. I'm also a roleplayer. I make some jokes and act in a way that may be considered offensive to some, so if you don't like or don't feel comfortable around that just let me know and I'll try to be a little more polite. Haha, could you picture someone saying that? If you're gonna be mad when I mock you or how I take things then you can go fuck yourself, because this is the internet. Anyway I can be a friendly person or a cunt, it all depends on how you're going to treat me.

    Favorite games (not in order):

    If it's a game franchise and I don't specify which game from the franchise is my favorite, it means I like the franchise as a whole and can't chose only one.

    Mass Effect
    - Gears of War
    - Halo
    - Metal Gear Solid
    - Mortal Kombat
    - Dragon Age
    - Dead Space
    - Dust: An Elysian Tail
    - Resident Evil (1, 2 & 3)
    - Dino Crisis
    - Metal Slug
    - Killer Instinct
    - Dota 2
    - The Darkness
    - Castlevania (not the 3D ones though)
    - The Legacy of Kain
    - Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    OC Descriptions:

    At the moment I only took time to write my worgen description and stats. More shall be added in the future.


    Race: Worgen

    Alignment: Neutral

    Faction: Alliance

    Eye color: Dark blue

    Height: 2.39m / 7'10"

    Weight: 128kg / 282lb

    Universe: Azeroth (World of Warcraft)

    Homeland: Gilneas

    Age: 32

    You stand before a mysterious Worgen, with a rather good shape for both stealth and agility. Growing from under his skin while protecting his body and serving as a thermal insulation, there's a light gray fur, now covered by his dark, grayish blue leather armor.

    Shadownoth's soft mane runs through half his back, ending halfway his spine. His ears are well treated and in fact different from most worgen's, since worgen ears tend to get deteriorated over time from battles or through age process.

    His "facial hair" is divided by three braids, held togheter by bronze rings. Two of them seems to come from the long mane that cover his cheeks, the third one is located at his chin, it's thicker than the other two at his cheeks but not as long as them.

    The Worgen has a big scar crossing his right eye, which is now covered by a black eyepatch, hiding some violent and maybe rather sad history this worgen has yet to tell. Shadownoth's muzzle, mouth and cheeks are usually covered by a mask, although sometimes they're not. His cold, moist muzzle is as dark as the midnight and so are his lips and the inside of his ears.

    A pack of throwing knifes is located on the worgen's belt, there's also a knife compartiment in his boots, you can notice that a skinning knife is located in the left boot, while a dagger is located in the right one.

    His gloves are designed for assassination. Each glove has 3 sharp blades attached to them, that would follow the bones on his hands and resemble claws. They can prove very useful to the worgen in a situation where he would have to kill someone in public keeping a low profile or in a scenario where he was stripped of his many daggers.

    Carrying some bottles and handbags with himself which could contain poisons or magic substances stolen from the ones he killed, this rogue is well prepared to incapacitate an enemy, if that's required. He travelled across the most exotic lands of Azeroth and collected mementos of his contracts and fallen enemies with him. Those mementos could be something as harmless as a leather strip or as deadly as a drake's breath.

    His illusion techniques are quite impressive, in a situation where escape is the only option, he could throw a smoke bomb and leave a "clone" in the area for some seconds, confusing his enemies. Being trained and both subtlety thievery and assassination, Shadownoth can be not only light on his feet but deadly with pretty much anything he can find and turn into a weapon. Fading in the shadows and living on the same, this rogue is a great asset for anyone looking for something nefarious, yet silent.