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  1. MarkusBear
    MarkusBear Ghanker
    Oi, ce tem discord cara?
  2. FluxoDuxo
    FluxoDuxo TYBGWookie
    Hello! Uhhhh could i get the Amorous discord link if thats not too much to ask?
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  3. Foxxicles
  4. Bokune
    Yo I love most games and hate very few I also am big into anime and generally lean towards the lewd when I'm bored wanna chat well here I am
  5. conner powell
  6. conner powell
  7. conner powell
    conner powell
    hey I'm new to the fandom.
  8. Edith
    Oi. Dunno who's gonna see this, but anybody scrolling down for nostalgia. Add me on discord. Free#0858
  9. Aimo
    Hi! I’m Aimo and I recently found this cool website! I’m 23 right now, and I’m here to make some new friends!
  10. Acro5483
    I the better!!
  11. Haiku
    Holy shit this place is still active, i thought the forums were shut down for good
  12. Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Helping Acheron Fokkusu on his duties in the Amorous Amino
  13. ADITL
    Peace and love
  14. Shadowblade019
    Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and was safe in the process of said holiday? Look forward to furxmas, oh god I made a furry pun!
  15. SnowyClawZY1
  16. SytheWolfmanePink
  17. SammBo
    New avatar! Meant to change it a while ago, but I never got around to it. I finally did. Yay!
  18. darklink8910
    darklink8910 Lennian
    Hi! I need help with amorous, where can I contact you to talk?
  19. NLSHD
    Bored AF
  20. Shadowblade019
    Halloween came and gone; next holiday I'm looking forward to.