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  1. Johnny910412
  2. tylerismyname
    hello! I am new to this site and community and I would like to make some friends i'm a friend of all
  3. maken hughes
  4. Zeneko Bunny
    Zeneko Bunny
    honestly i just want a bf who wont judge me and shit, its been a few years and Im ready to get back out there and try again
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    2. tylerismyname
      i relate
      Nov 14, 2018 at 4:08 PM
  5. Joe B
    Joe B
    Just trying to fix broken stuff.
  6. Connery
    I'm a guava :3
    1. SkyLeone
      Nov 10, 2018
  7. Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Spleriia Emperor Splerii Gravel
    Heya, Gravel. How are you today?
    1. Gravel
      I've been good, Gots a job and am looking at moving out
      Nov 10, 2018
    2. Spleriia Emperor Splerii
      Spleriia Emperor Splerii
      That's good to hear, Gravel
      Nov 10, 2018
  8. Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Still reigning despite the hardships nonetheless
  9. Gravel
    Been long time since I've been on here T-T
  10. VeryCuriousPerson
    Wanting To Review
  11. Shadowblade019
    New month, still can't find anything new but gaming and looking at you furries.
  12. nicholas chestang
    nicholas chestang
    its my B-day ;P i love lex's date wish they were all that long~
  13. Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Spleriia Emperor Splerii
    Still alive and reigning...
    1. SytheWolfmanePink
      Hello! :D
      Aug 10, 2018
  14. Shads
    I hope the princess made lots of spaghetti!
  15. Amorous Fan
    Amorous Fan
    My discord is ur moms spaghetti#3502 no capitals
  16. Amorous Fan
    Amorous Fan
  17. Amorous Fan
    Amorous Fan Jasonafex
    Oof jasonafex made a good game here
  18. mikenzzie
    hey does any one know where to find pro cosplay costumes of transformers rid 2015 ? I need help finding them.
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    2. Llameria Grunt
      Llameria Grunt
      no but they are easy to make if that helps
      Aug 6, 2018
  19. GothicToddler
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    2. Amorous Fan
      Aug 7, 2018
  20. AriNoiraAngel
    Amorous game isn't working, I'm sad XC
    1. Ryuu_Zenith
      Steam-Version or one? Which one have you tried running so far?
      Aug 6, 2018