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  1. Michiko the Misfit
    Michiko the Misfit
    i drew my profile pic in flipnote and some of the colours didnt transfer through my pc lol
    i cant play the game. im a steam player
  3. Flibble
    I think its safe to say now that Amorous is no longer being worked on.
    1. SomthingNeat
      Jan 12, 2020
    2. EthanWolfcat
      Yup. Now it's the new version of BareBackstreet
      Jan 13, 2020
  4. MommoXX
    Zenith 1luv
    1. SomthingNeat
      Jan 13, 2020
  5. SomthingNeat
    1. EthanWolfcat
      Will you be providing a tool or tutorial so that the community be able to make their own? :)
      Jan 11, 2020
    2. SomthingNeat
  6. EthanWolfcat
  7. SomthingNeat
    So its not much but I just finninshed a cuntboy Coby mod. Will share soon!
  8. whiskeylupine
  9. FurryZMaster
    My names ZeNex, I play many regular games but on my spare time I do play some porn games to upload videos on my channel in pornhub
  10. Edith
    Edith Flibble
    Sup, you cooky chicken. Been a while since we talked
  11. Edith
    Hey, about to be in college now Cant tell you how much this old n now dusty website means to me. feel like that scene in cars in the canyon.
  12. Edith
    Edith Cwboyzz12
    Oi hey, you're gay, my little kitty kat <3
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    2. Cwboyzz12
      <3 getting banned for being omega gay
      Dec 30, 2019
  13. slyuwu
    hai. i'm new here and just playing amorous
    1. SomthingNeat
      Dec 30, 2019
  14. SapphireBlaz3
    almost a year since my last log in
    1. SomthingNeat
      Well In that case, A very warm welcome from the modding community!
      Dec 27, 2019
  15. Flibble
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays etc. Have a good 'un!
  16. MyNamesAShoe
    MyNamesAShoe Luke The Wolf
    Ahoy there, don't know if you a night person as well but I just want to let you know I'm still up for any conversation you want, I'll check again later.
  17. EchoTheRat
  18. SkyLeone
  19. MyNamesAShoe
    MyNamesAShoe Luke The Wolf
    Hello again, just checking to see if you still like to chat or what not.
  20. MyNamesAShoe
    MyNamesAShoe Luke The Wolf
    Well man, if you may be so bold, would like to chat momentarily as long as possible in your regards with me I'm up for it. Sorry if I came out a little forward, just was hoping I can give you company, I mean these forums appear empty but who knows.
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    2. MyNamesAShoe
      Well if you are still conversing, if I may ask what brings you to post here for striking conversation.
      Dec 16, 2019
    3. MyNamesAShoe
      I will start why I am just you this isnt one sided or seem like some kind of interview, I recently downloaded this game upon discovering it by accident and love it. I wanted to see if it still had any attention to it and sadly that doesn't seem to be the case.
      Dec 16, 2019
    4. MyNamesAShoe
      Excuse the miswording there, when i type fast i dont have proper grammar sometimes.
      Dec 16, 2019